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´╗┐English: Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 covers Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 when pupils are 7 to 11 years old. In English, pupils continue to work on their speaking and listening skills as well as on improving their reading and writing. They are taught how to use the language according to different situations, audiences and purposes.

English during Key Stage 2 involves integration of speaking and listening, reading and writing. Pupils also learn the language in literary and non-literary texts, grammar of standard English and variation of the language in written and spoken form, and different contexts.

Speaking and Listening During Key Stage 2

Speaking and listening during Key Stage 2 focus on learning how to use the language in different situations, contexts and purposes. In other words, pupils learn how to speak to express themselves clearly but they also learn how to convey a message to different audiences. Of course, they also learn to understand what others have to say and how to respond to what was being said. Speaking and listening during Key Stage 2 includes working in groups and participation in various drama activities in order for pupils to learn to speak as a member of a group.

Reading During Key Stage 2

Reading during Key Stage 2 involves reading of a variety of materials, with the texts becoming longer and more challenging to understand. Pupils during this stage are expected to read fluently and appreciate literature.

Writing During Key Stage 2

Writing during Key Stage 2 focuses on application of the main rules of English to written form, while pupils also learn how to express themselves and understand the use of English to express different meanings. At the same time, pupils begin to learn how to write according to different purposes and readers, provide enough detail to inform and use arguments to persuade readers.

Resources for English During Key Stage 2

There are many useful online resources for English during Key Stage 2, many of which provide entertainment at the same time. Examples include the BBC KS2 Bitesize and atSchool.co.uk. The later also features lots of resources for English teachers and parents who would like to help their kids with English. Many teachers also use websites such as Tes.co.uk, TeachIt.co.uk and BBC Learning Teachers. More information about the mentioned websites can be found in our article “English: Key Stage 1” and of course, the websites themselves.