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´╗┐English: Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 covers Years 7, 8 and 9 when pupils are 11 to 14 years old. In English, pupils during this stage broaden their knowledge in a number of concepts which help them progress further in speaking and listening, reading and writing. At the same time, they also learn the importance and appreciation of English literature and literary heritage, understand how English language varies in the UK as well as abroad and learn to adjust their language to different situations and audiences in all key processes.

Speaking and Listening During Key Stage 3

Pupils during Key Stage 3 speak and listen confidently in a variety of contexts and situations. They know to speak according to different purposes and express their ideas and opinions clearly. They also listen carefully to others, ask questions and make comments as a response to other’s arguments and ideas. Pupils during Key Stage 3 are active in a discussions, take different roles and demonstrate their knowledge of English including vocabulary, grammar and language variety.

Reading During Key Stage 3

Pupils understand significant themes, characters, events and ideas from a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. They are also aware that particular texts are a reflection of the time of their creation and begin to use deduction based on what they have read. Pupils develop both subjective and objective (critical) responses to a variety of literature including poems, novels and plays as well as understand the importance of literary works.

Writing During Key Stage 3

Writing during Key Stage 3 involves the use of grammatically more complex sentences, incorporation of rich vocabulary and fully developed ideas. Pupils learn to write for different purposes and different readers, using vocabulary and structure accordingly.

English Resources for Key Stage 3

Pupils who would like to further improve any of the key skills in English during Key Stage 3 can do so with the aid of a variety of English resources that can be found on the Internet. Just like pupils in lower years, those in Years 7, 8 and 9 can “test” their English at BBC Schools (KS3 English) where they can also find a variety of worksheets to prepare for National Curriculum Assessments or SATs, various activities and educative games. Teachers, on the other hand, can find lots of resources at websites such as TeachIt.co.uk and Tes.co.uk.