Our Day Out - Programme Design

Aim: To design a programme for a stage production of Our Day Out.

What is a programme?
A programme is a short leaflet which gives an audience arriving at the theatre information about the play they are going to see. Real programmes contain many sections, including profiles of the actors and important backstage people, like the director. Yours must contain the following:

  • A front cover which gives people the flavour of the play (do not copy the book!)
  • A list of the main characters and the actors playing them (use either friends or real actors if you wish, but try to make them suitable for the part.)
  • An outline of what the play is about, including where it is set and some of the things that happen (don't give the end away!)
  • Drawings of two characters in their costumes (these should reflect their personalities - e.g. Briggs in a smart suit and tie; Andrews in old uniform that's too small for him)
  • A brief description of the life of the author, Willie Russell and other plays he has written (you can find this information at the front of the book, but only included the main facts)

    Who do I work with?
    You can work in small groups up to a maximum of four

    How do I start?
    Begin by deciding who is going to do what. For example one person to design the cover, one to research the author's life etc. Then begin straight away. Plan your work in rough at the back of your exercise book, then get your group's approval before beginning a final draft.

    Remember that this task needs teamwork and co-operation as well as knowledge of the play.

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