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GCSE English Literature

Twentieth Century Play

Blood Brothers

By Willy Russell

This piece of coursework will be submitted for Literature only and must meet the following criteria to ensure a good grade:

Choose a key scene in Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell. Imagine you are a director and write about how you would present the scene on stage. Think about:

Essay plan:

1. Introduction

Begin by giving a brief background to the play, such as when it was written and when and where it is set. Mention Russell‘s intentions to discuss class divisions through his language, imagery and music. Refer to the context of the play and that it was written as a comment on the Recession and an outcry against Thatcherism. Mention that, traditionally, comedies do not end in death but Russell successfully blends both comedy and tragedy.

Outline the scene you have chosen and give a brief description of the characters involved. Say which themes are considered in the scene. Outline some of the staging techniques you will use.

2. Main Essay

Work through your chosen scene, discussing the techniques you will use to convey character, mood, themes, etc. and commenting on how you wish your audience to react.

Remember to consider:


NB. these lists are not exhaustive!

Ensure that you use quotations from the text to support your ideas.

3. Conclusion

This should sum up what you have said in the essay and ensure that you have answered the question fully. No new material should be introduced in the conclusion.

When you have drafted the essay read it and ensure that you have met all of the assessment criteria.

General points to remember:

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