Romeo and Juliet - Time Line

Act One


A melancholy Romeo walks under a grove of sycamore trees in the early morning mist.


Montague and Capulet are hot for a fight . . .

Sunday Evening

Capulet's great masque banquet and ball. Romeo is stunned by the beauty of Juliet.

Act Two

Sunday night

Romeo and Juliet meet and swear their love for each other.

Monday afternoon

Romeo and Juliet are married by the Friar.

One hour later . . .

Act Three

Monday late afternoon

Mercutio is killed by Tybalt.

Monday late afternoon

Romeo revenges Mercutio's death and slays Tybalt.

Monday late at night

Capulet strikes a bargain with Paris, who is now to marry Juliet in three days time.

Tuesday dawn

Romeo is to be banished forever.

Tuesday dawn

The lovers part, having spent the night in each other's arms.

Act Four

Tuesday morning

Juliet refuses Paris.

Tuesday noon

The Friar explains how Juliet can escape from her coming marriage to Paris.

Tuesday night

Later that night, alone in her room, Juliet takes the potion.

Early Wednesday morning

The nurse discovers Juliet's 'dead' body

Act Five

Thursday late at night

In Juliet's tomb, a despairing Romeo takes poison . . . as Juliet awakens. The star-crossed lovers are united at last in death.

There is also a time line taking the play day by day.