What are accent & dialect?

2 lessons

To understand the concepts of accent and dialect

  • Individual research; class discussion stimulated by episode of Eastenders / Brookside or "Listen Mr Oxford Don"
  • Ali G / newsreader video
  • Video of Eastenders etc.
  • "Listen Mr Oxford Don" & worksheet
  • Ali G worksheet
  • Class discussion;


    What influences the way we speak?

    2-3 lessons

  • To understand influences on accent and dialect.
  • To introduce the terms standard English and Received Pronunciation.
  • To understand the concept of register.
  • Class discussion of influences on accent & dialect.
  • Worksheets on class / education / region
  • Write scripts using inappropriate register � perform to class
  • OEP worksheets

    Macmillan w�sheets

    W�sheet response

    Script performance


    2 lessons

  • To understand what is meant by the term slang
  • To compile a slang dictionary
  • To understand that slang changes over time.
  • Read newspaper article
  • Compile own slang dictionary
  • Class discussion of origin of words
  • Research slang of parents / grandparents � report back to class.
  • Newspaper article


    Slang dictionary

    Our Day Out by Willy Russell � text used throughout

    On the road

    4 lessons

  • To understand how Russell uses language to reflect background
  • To identify slang, accent & dialect words
  • To rewrite and perform part of play.
  • Read scenes 1-6; focus on language of scene 6 using worksheet to identify slang, accent & dialect words and phrases.
  • Rewrite part in Standard English and Received Pronunciation � perform.
  • Worksheet

    Worksheet responses

    Script performance

    At the cafe

    1 lesson

  • To begin to understand the characters in the play.
  • To consider audience reaction.
  • Read scenes 7-20 � questions to focus on character and audience reaction.


    Written responses

    At the zoo

    1 lesson

    To focus on character of Briggs, his relationship with the pupils and how and why he changes.

  • Read scenes 21-30 and discuss character of Briggs
  • Write a detailed analysis of how / why he begins to change and why he changes back.


    Detailed analysis

    At the castle

    2-3 lessons

    To prepare a performance of one scene which shows an understanding of character, situation, language and mood.

  • Read scenes 31-34 and choose one scene
  • Through careful reading and discussion: plan a group performance of the scene.

    Small group discussion and performance

    On the cliff

    2 lessons

  • To focus on the character of Carol
  • To consider what happens to her on the cliff
  • To write a detailed analysis on her character and role in the play.
  • Read scenes 35-37
  • Discuss character of Carol   and write analysis, using prompt sheet if necessary
  • Prompt sheets


    Written analysis

    The end

    4-5 lessons

  • To consider Briggs� actions
  • To debate the teaching styles of Briggs & Mrs Kay
  • To script next scene
  • To write Briggs� or Mrs Kay�s report on the day out.
  • Read scenes 38-41 and discuss ending and whether Briggs has changed
  • Class debate on styles of Briggs and Mrs Kay
  • Write next scene from a choice of scenarios (demonstrating knowledge of character as well as accent & dialect)
  • Write report on the day out for headmaster.
  • Role sheets & trial sheets

    Scene ideas

    Support w�sheets for report

    Debate/role play



    Programme Design

    3 lessons

    To design a programme for a production of Our Day Out which gives information about the play and whets the reader�s appetite.

  • Look at various programmes to establish their purpose
  • Discuss contents and audience
  • Produce programmes
  • Programmes

    Briefing sheets


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