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Autobiography / Biography Resources

Resource Description

Autobiographical Writing, Diaries & Word Books

Three units of an excellent scheme of work by Philippa Watkins, with worksheets included. It's intended to be flexible, i.e. the timings for each unit are open to discussion and the method of teaching is up to the individual. Do have a look!

Sep 00

Year 7

Year 9 Biography Project

A biography project project for Year 9 where pupils have to get out there and interview an 'oldie'. Included is part of a booklet that resulted from a recent project.

Dec 98

Year 9

Autobiography Scheme of Work HTML or PDF 257KB

An excellent and varied scheme of work consisting of 14 lessons investigating Autobiographies. The pupils even get to write the final chapter of their own Autobiographies!

Sep 99

Years 7 to 9

Autobiography resource booklet

What its like to be a teenager, in your 20s and in your 30s by three well, and lesser, known writers. Interesting articles that provide short but inciteful investigations into autobiography.

Nov 99

Year 9

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Poetry Reading Drama Shakespeare Genre Biography Language Media
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