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Genre & Extended Narrative Resources

Resource Description

Defining and working with genres

An outline scheme of work with lots of interesting activities. Starts with defining genres, introduces Fairy Tales (a genre very likely to be familiar with Yr 7) and works through conventions of other genres before getting pupils to plan and write their own children's story.

Jan 99

Year 7

Detective / police report - ICT module NEW
Detective at Work: HTML, PDF 64KB or Word 2000
Police Notice: HTML, PDF 68KB or Word 2000

Two criminal investigative worksheets. The first, Detective at Work, is aimed at able Year 8 pupils and relies on them having read a Sherlock Holmes story. The second worksheet entitled Police Notice is aimed at Lower ability pupils in Year 8.

Dec 00

Year 8

Which genre is which?

Seven short excerpts from stories with seven different genres! It's up to Year 9, with the aid of the Analysis of Genre Stories work sheet to determine which is which, and to find any evidence of other genres.

Jul 99

Year 9

Imaginative Writing

How to plan and write effectively for an exam. A concise and friendly one page handout.

Feb 99

Years 7 to 9

The Story Wheel

The story wheel has been developed to help pupils to investigate and interpret stories. It's a simple but very clever one page handout - why not take a look?

Mar 99

Years 7 to 9

Short Story Analysis

A comprehensive list of points for pupils, detailing how to approach the analysis of short stories.

Jul 99

Years 7 to 9

Myths & Legends - scheme of work

A well put together Lesson Planner covering all the best Greek myths and legends in 16 lessons, including a diverse range of tasks and activities. Uses the book Myths and Legends by G McCutcheon.

Nov 00

Year 7

Myths & Legends: a short guide

A concise and graphical one page account of how a typical myth or legend type story proceeds.

Jan 00

Years 7 to 9

King Arthur worksheets
No. 1 PDF 249KB
No. 2 PDF 249KB

Two colourful and simple King Arthur worksheets.

Mar 00

Years 7 to 9


A one page worksheet on characterisation including the use of character graphs. Links in with the King Arthur / legend worksheets but works equally well by itself.

Mar 00

Years 7 to 9

'Class' refers to UK education system (except Northern Ireland - replace Years 7 to 9 with Years 8 to 10)
USA system - replace Years 7 to 9 with Grades 6 to 8

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